Digital Images TOU

Digital Art Licensing Terms Of Use

Welcome to the Digital Art Licensing Terms of Use, by purchasing any of our Tubes (and license) from the gorjuss Art store, you are assumed to have fully read, understood and agree to these terms.  If you have any questions regarding the Terms please ask before you buy, as the digital downloads are exempt from our standard refund policy!

Using gorjuss art in your own hobby creations is incredibly simple. But.. please make sure you use them with the few rules we have, or you could find your license revoked, you are advised that these terms of use are enforced at all times, copyright is legally protected under Scottish and International Law and failure to adhere to the terms and conditions may lead to legal action being taken and /or possible denial of access to the services.  Gorjuss Art Ltd is a legally registered company, registered in Scotland: SC350259

Using gorjuss art without a valid license as set out below, is against the law. We will pursue and take any appropriate actions including legal action against users who use the artworks without the proper license/permissions.

Your license covers you to use digital products purchased from Gorjuss Art only, purchasing any digital products from gorjuss art extends your license number to cover the right to use THAT digital product (according to the terms of use) only, to use any other digital products under your SW license number, you must purchase them!  All digital products purchased from gorjuss art will be covered by you one Gorjuss Digital License Number as provided in your welcome email or under the My Account tab of the gorjuss art website.

"Digital products" include all items from the Tubes/Licensing section of the Gorjussart shop and exclude any other items from the other sections of the shop.


By purchasing ( and entering into) a license agreement with gorjuss ART you acknowledge that you have read, understood and agree to these terms of use. Terms of use may change without prior notice, wherever possible customers will be notified by means of a blog post ( about any changes but it is your responsibility to keep up to date with the current terms of use.

You agree to gorjuss ART holding information about you in regards to your license. This information is not shared/loaned or otherwise with any other companies. Your information will only be used for licensing validation and other gorjuss ART purposes. Your information is never used for marketing purposes of any kind, by gorjuss ART or anyone else! Please see our privacy policy for more info.


We dont do newsletters, all our updates are available for you to browse at your own convenience at - this includes notifications of updates to the terms of use etc too!  You can easily subscribe to the blog for updates via email.


About Your License:
(for Elements licensing please scroll to the bottom)


Licenses grant YOU the buyer, personal use only, for digital / online, non commercial use according to our Terms Of Use.  The license does not transfer copyright. Your license lasts for YOUR LIFETIME (thats right - forever!) Your SW license number ONLY permits you to use "digital products" purchased from Gorjuss Art ltd, it will not allow you to tube/edit/use any other gorjuss images purchased from any other store. "Digital products" include all items from the Tubes/Licensing section of the Gorjussart shop and exclude any other items from the other sections of the shop. Your license gives you permission to use the digital images included in the digital product download zip file only (provided by the gorjuss art shop through the MY ACCOUNT page).  Anyone other than the named buyer MUST have their own license, this includes people in the same household/sharing the same computer.  Your information at the gorjuss Art store must be full, valid and correct, this includes a full mailing address ( this is a legal requirement for your license to be valid - we dont send out mailings !)  Your licensed creations must adhere to our terms of use at all times.  You acknowledge your license may be suspended or revoked if the terms and conditions are not adhered to. No refunds for licenses will be given for licenses that we revoke due to failure to adhere to Terms Of Use.. Gorjuss Art reserves the right to refuse service to individuals at any time.

Getting Your License:


When you register at gorjussart,.com you will receive an automatic Welcome email to thank you for signing up, in this email you will also find your unique gorjuss art license number ( eg: SW 1234 ).  Before registering it would be advisable to add and email addresses to your allowed senders lists in any junk mail filtering software you have.  In the unlikely event you dont receive this email, please first, check your spam folder, and if it's still not found you can find your license number by following these steps.

1. Visit

2. Click Log In (fill in form and click submit)

3. Click MY ACCOUNT tab at the top of the page.

  It will show your gorjuss digital license number at the top of the page, ONLY if you have made an order with our shop.  The license is of no use unless you have purchased digital products from our shop, and will not show until you have made a purchase.

Getting Your Tubes/Images:


Shopping for tubes has never been easier !  Just browse the site, the tubes are available individually, or in packs of 6, add what you wish to buy into your cart and checkout.  Once you have checked out*, your purchases are available instantly to download from your Account area.

To download your packs follow these steps.

1. Visit

2. Click Log In (fill in form and click submit)

3. Click MY ACCOUNT tab at the top of the page.

4. Click VIEW button next to the orders.

5. Click DOWNLOAD buttons as required.

*Please note if you paid via E-check/ echeque it may take up to 10 days to clear and your download to become available.

All our Tubes are in .PNG format (this is compatible with most graphics programs) and on ONE layer, the tube itself is an image with no background ( ie. a girl with no background) ..  we also include a copy of the full image too ( with a background), we place these side by side instead of on top of each other ( like other companies)  Our preview images show the layout of the tubes, the checkered background indicating the transparent tube background.  Scrapkits and element packs are also on one transparent layer ( i.e no background).


*You may NOT TUBE gorjuss art without a license, if you have a license you may tube the image that is downloadable in Your Account area.  If you tube this image it must be for your OWN personal use only, and must not be shared or distributed in anyway.

*You may not use tubes obtained from elsewhere with your gorjuss ART license. 

*You may not print out any gorjuss art, even after you use it one of your own creations!

* You may not supply anyone 'asking' for gorjuss art with our Tubes, all licensed users have their tubes available to them in their Account or are replenished quickly by ourselves via email.

* You may not redistribute or share the gorjuss art Tubes ( gorjuss art with no backgrounds) - free or otherwise, online, on CD, or in print format.  Redistribution  of your own creations MUST be according to our terms of use (please see below).  You may not redistribute any images supplied with your gorjuss art tube - as these are unwatermarked ( i.e without a gorjuss watermark).


Your creations are what it's all about, and we hate to stifle your creativity. You are able to use your gorjuss art licensed images in many ways, signature tags, myspace layouts, blog layouts, email stationary etc. All we ask for is a few things...

*Our copyright and YOUR license number must be ON every creation you make.  We class each creation as per image... if your creation is made up of more than one image pieced together ( i.e a webpage that has buttons and a background) then each image must have the correct copyright AND license info included.  Please try and spell Suzanne's name and the web address correctly!

Your credit should look like this:


© Suzanne Woolcott (YOURLICENSEHERE)


© Suzanne Woolcott (YOURLICENSEHERE)

The credit and license code MUST be clearly legible on all of your creations, it's okay to use a fancy font, but please double check that it can be read!  Small buttons and Avatars are NOT exempt from the copyright being present on them - we recommend searching for some mini fonts online for tiny but legible text !


* You may NOT put any other copyrights on any images that contain gorjuss art, if you must credit someone else you may put 'Scrapkit by - ' or 'stock photo by - ' .. but you may not mix gorjuss art with any other artists work requiring their relevant copyright credit.

*You may not put any other web address on gorjuss art creations.  We do allow you to make banners for your groups, but they should be 'clickable' and have the groups name only, not the address on them.

*You may not create or distribute/share blank tags, i.e tags shared to be purposefully modified by someone else other than the license holder who created them. Creations must NOT be altered or  added to by anyone other than the license holder.  Stationary headers should have a message (such as 'hello', happy birthday' etc), and so should signature tags! Stationary must have text on the MAIN image.. if there is no image ( i.e just a 'sidebar' .. then you should place some sort of msg on it!  Copyright info MUST be on all images, so if your stationary is made up of  lots of images, please make sure you add copyright info to them all! .. If using Incredimail, a clickable 'link' in the stationary footer is not required but we are always thankful if you decide to, as, well.. it's just polite :)

* You may not pay or be paid for any image that contains gorjuss art, in any way, this includes your own gorjuss art creations - and this includes donations.  Please remember your license covers personal use only.  Personal use is deemed as any area where there is nothing 'for sale'.. please note we do not allow usage under a personal usage license for ebay listings/logos! It doesn't matter if you are not a company, don't SELL things using gorjuss artwork on the same site! If you want to use Gorjuss Artwork in a promotional or commercial way contact Santoro Graphics Ltd to make appropriate arrangements.

Santoro Graphics Ltd.
Santoro House
Farfield Park
Manvers, Rotherham
United Kingdom
S63 5DB Contact details:
Tel : +44 (0) 1709 518100
Fax: +44 (0) 1709 518200

*Your creations are for online use only, if you are found to be making creations that are clearly for offline/printable use, e.g party invites/ notepaper, then your license will be revoked and legal action may be taken.

*You must not alter the images in any way, this includes but is not limited to painting over, tracing, adding to, or modifying.  We allow animation! (yay!) but remember that you can NOT paint over or 'alter' the artwork (this means no blinking/waving etc!)  We allow grayscaling and single hue changes of the WHOLE image, but not in 'part' ( i.e no changing the girls hair / dress colour!)  This is to preserve the integrity of the artwork and help maintain its credibility. DONT add your own hats - hairclips - clothing - legs etc to the images!

*Your creations must be no more than 72dpi (or ppi)

*Your creations must not show a gorjuss art image at over 550 pixels on the largest side, be careful of this when creating a desktop wallpaper!






Our element packs are little packs of 'extra' images for use with our main art or on their own ..they MUST be © credited on all creations, and must not be shared 'as is', this includes on a flattened layer, as a .jpg!  Your creations must have a degree of 'use' in them ( i.e no blank tags) .. you may not paint over, copy or alter the elements in any way. ( Black and white and all colour hue changes are however acceptable.)  Use of our Element packs with main packs must adhere to the above terms of use, i.e you couldnt add one of our flowers Elements to a girls hair ( to look like a hairclip!) as it's against the main packs terms of use!

These packs are now sold as personal use only, no work for hire, no payments in exchange of creations, no donations, no use of your creations in your own shop designs/logos, ebay listings, etsy banners etc..

Please read our normal terms of use as  for more details on what is acceptable use of gorjuss art!

****ELEMENT packs were originally sold (up to May 09) as commercial usage OK* but their terms of use have now changed, people who hold a CU license may carry on using them commercially in their own projects, but the CU license is non-transferable!

*Element packs bought from Artistic Minds Inc were never sold with a commercial usage license and should follow the TOU they received a copy of at time of purchase.






Any AMI license you may hold is still valid, and will be for your lifetime.  But AMI is now closed down and is unlikely to return to trading. Any License queries involving AMI licenses will need to be supported by paypal receipts that detail the packs purchased.



You may find as you carry on purchasing tubes from us here at gorjuss art, you get a little confused over what license to use on your creation.. OR .. you want to use two images on your creation, one you hold a AMI license for, and one you hold a gorjuss art license for... You can use TWO license codes on one creation as long as they are both for Gorjuss images, If it becomes a bit messy and you would rather use just one then the trade - in is a good idea to solve the problem.  The trade-in does NOT cancel or modify your previous purchases from AMI.

How To Apply?


We require the following information:

1. Your AMI License number.

2. Your Gorjuss Digital Image License number. (You will need to create an account at to obtain one - please do this BEFORE you send us the info!)

 3. Proof of the purchase of packs from AMI, whether this be confirmation letters from AMI or Paypal receipts, they do need to have the packs or tubes listed on them so that we can add these under your new license number.

Email all this to with subject "License Trade In" .  If you are fwd'ing on multiple emails then dont worry !

Your request will be queued and dealt with ASAP - there may be a wait for these to be actioned, as we receive a lot of them!  Due to time constraint we do NOT contact you to say we have received them - We will contact you if we require further information and also to let you know once it has been actioned. As soon as you receive the email confirming the packs/tubes now covered by your gorjussart license, you can then use your new license number on all specified AMI purchased packs/tubes.  If you cannot provide proof of having purchased the pack then we will not be able to cover the images/tubes affected for use with the new Gorjuss Art Digital License number.